Have you considered Mutual Exchange?

If you already rent a bpha home, but need to move because the property no longer meets your needs, you may (with our written permission) be able to swap homes with another tenant by doing a Mutual Exchange.

Mutual Exchange is often much quicker than waiting for a transfer, a great solution for people who want to downsize and a way to move if you don’t qualify for a transfer under the Allocations Scheme.

bpha rental tenants may be able to exchange with another Housing Association or Local Authority Tenant by finding an exchange partner through the House Exchange website.

Both parties must complete an application form, and send it with supporting information to bpha. We will check your eligibility for this scheme and make a decision within 42 days of receiving the application form.

Don’t wait…call us now on 0330 100 0272, or email us.

About ‘House Exchange’

House Exchange is a database of information given by tenants that want to move, and offers a service allowing tenants to search immediately for housing options across the whole of the UK.

  • Lots of participating landlords
  • Fast real-time searches
  • Immediate email alerts
  • Easily affordable
  • UK wide

House Exchange lets you know instantly when you have matches on the system.