Our residents can get involved with bpha through a number of ways.

This includes providing feedback through surveys carried out by post or on the telephone, or by attending our focus groups and discussion events. You can help bpha improve your neighbourhood at our Walk About Talk About events, or give us your views when we visit your area with a bpha roadshow. There are also local community groups in some areas.

There are a number of opportunities for you to monitor the way in which services are delivered. Residents who get involved with helping us improve our services are eligible to claim some expenses.

We have a star rating system to outline what level of involvement is required:

  • 4 stars (****)
    You will need to attend a package of mandatory training events to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to carry out the tasks you will be participating in. This opportunity will take between 3-12 hours a month.
  • 3 stars (***)
    You will be expected to attend training to give you the skills and knowledge you will need. This task will take between 2-4 hours a month.
  • 2 stars (**)
    You will need a short explanation workshop to carry out this task, which will take no more than 1 hour a month.
  • 1 star (*)
    You will not need to attend any training to help with this task and you take part when the need arises.

bpha service improvement panel – ****

This group of 12 residents scrutinises bpha performance and inspects service areas that need improvement. This is an exciting opportunity to really make a difference on behalf of residents.

Resident Inspectors – ***

This small but select band of residents help us to increase customer satisfaction levels by:

  • Using skills and knowledge about our repairs service to report service delivery issues to contractors.
  • Visiting void properties to ensure they are in a fit condition to be re-let to a new resident.
  • Checking the work carried out by our Grounds Maintenance contractors and reporting back to us.

Completing a survey – *

Your feedback is important to us. We gather feedback through surveys – please take the time to let us know what you think of our services.

Walk About Talk About – *

This is your opportunity to spend some time with your Housing Officer making decisions about your neighbourhood.