Ending your tenancy

You must give us notice in writing before moving out as set out in your Tenancy Agreement. You are responsible for paying rent until the notice period ends and you have handed back your keys.

Keys must be returned to us on or before the date your notice expires, or you will be charged use and occupation charges until you hand them in. If you move out without telling us you will be charged rent from the time it is discovered you have moved out or until we have gained access to the property.

Where a resident is in hospital and they or a relative are unsure what to do about giving up the tenancy, we should be contacted for advice.

Outstanding debts

You’ll be charged for repairs that are your responsibility or for replacing fixtures that belong to us, which you have removed.

If you have outstanding rent arrears we will agree a realistic payment plan with you. If you are transferred from one of our properties to another, ensure the arrears are cleared before the tenancy ends.

If you leave to become the resident of another one of our properties, we may use any future payments due to you to pay outstanding debts on the former tenancy. Similarly, if we owe you any money in respect of an earlier tenancy this may be credited to your new rent account or paid directly to you.

Common questions

What happens if a relationship ends?
If a relationship breaks down neither joint tenant may evict the other. If this happens, you need to come to an agreement about the future of the tenancy and you may want to take some independent legal advice. bpha cannot make a decision for you about who should remain in the property. If one joint tenant leaves the Property and does not intend to return, you must ask bpha’s permission to complete the process of ending the joint tenancy and obtaining a sole tenancy. One joint tenant may end the whole joint tenancy by giving four weeks’ notice in writing to bpha, or one month’s notice in the case of monthly tenancies.

What happens if a resident dies?
We aim to minimise worry at this sad and difficult time. Please call us on 0330 100 0272 to discuss what happens next and what options you have.

Currently renting

Affordable Rent

If you need to move to a more suitable affordable rental property in Bedford, we operate a choice-based letting system – which means you can choose the homes you would like to be considered for.

Please note, there is a lot of demand for transfers – and normally you will only be considered if you have been in the property more than a year and don’t owe rent or have any breaches of tenancy.

If you do not live in Bedford, please contact your local council to discuss your options.

Visit our online lettings website MyHomeOptions for more information.

Mutual Exchange

If you already rent a bpha home, but need to move because the property no longer meets your needs, you may (with our written permission) be able to swap homes with another tenant by doing a Mutual Exchange.

See more information on our Mutual exchange page.

Low Cost Home Ownership

Buying a home may be more affordable than you think. Our sales department ‘Options to buy’ has helped thousands of people across eastern and central England to buy a place of their own with our range of affordable home ownership schemes.

Find out more.

Home Owners

Right to Buy

If you have bought your home from us using your preserved right-to-buy, you can sell it at any time at whatever price you can get on the open market. If you sell within the first five years you will have to repay part of the discount that you were allowed and part of any profit you make.

Before you go ahead and market your property you should first give us the opportunity to buy it back from you (unless you purchased it more than 10 years ago). See this page for more information

Shared Owners

If you are currently living in one of our Shared Ownership homes and wish to purchase more shares (staircasing) or sell the property then please contact our Asset Sales Team on 0845 456 6757.