People in Bedford have received a boost thanks to the kindness of bpha employees who generously donated to the Bedford Foodbank.

In a day-long drive around the town, members of the bpha Community Development team stopped at various pickup points.

They were met by colleagues, who are now mostly working from home, who were laden with food, toiletries and nappies all destined for the Bedford Foodbank.

Kim Burrows, bpha Community Development Officer, was part of the collection team and said: “This activity proved what we already knew, that bpha employees are a generous bunch who truly care about the people in our communities.

“We plan to repeat this collection again soon and I know that colleagues will be equally giving.”

bpha employees donated an impressive 231.6kg to the foodbank at the end of the day, equivalent to 97 full meals.

On receiving the donation Andrea Badman, Assistant Project Manager at Bedford Foodbank, said: “The generosity of bpha employees will really make a difference to families and those in need living in Bedford.

“These donations will ensure we can continue to support our community during this uncertain time.”