As part of our purpose to create places where everyone feels proud to live, bpha is committed to supporting residents who want to improve their local neighbourhoods.

Our Community Development Officers work alongside local people to organize community events, environmental improvements such as litter picks and clean ups, and community participation over plans for their area.

Community groups that meet certain criteria are invited to register with us for a range of support from our Community Development Officers, including:
• Advice and support to set up and develop your group
• Administrative support, e.g. photocopying and printing
• Access to training
• Advice and support on publicity
• A grant to cover overheads – up to £600 over 3 years
• Help to set up a bank account
• Independent check of accounts
• Advice on fundraising
• Access to Disclosure and Barring Service checks

Types of community groups include:

Action Groups – which undertake surveys of residents’ views, prepare action plans and work to improve their neighbourhood with local service providers.

Community Engagement Groups – who organise and run activities in their community.

Certain groups are set up to run activities for children and young people Other groups are formed for specific reason; ie a celebration or project for the local area; a protest group around environmental issues; to manage a community asset or to create a community garden.

Some groups combine all these activities!

If you would like to set up a community group or want to tackle a community matter, please call us on 0330 100 0272 or email