The Customer Complaints Panel (CCP) sounds like a group of people who love having a good moan but in fact the opposite is true.

This dedicated band of volunteers meet regularly to monitor both the number and the content of the complaints bpha receives from residents. Their role is to ensure that all complainants are treated in a fair manner and that bpha follows the complaints process we have in place.

bpha does not get as many complaints as other housing providers of a comparable size with 468 received in total in the 2017/18 financial year but the CCP is keen to identify where bpha can improve their services because of the complaints received.

They look for trends and meet with senior managers to talk about resident’s issues and where learning can be identified.

Jayne Simpson, bpha’s Complaints Manager, who works closely with the panel, says the group all have different ideas and work hard to ensure we follow the correct process when feedback from complaints and compliments are received.

“The panel are another pair of eyes and ears who are keen to see us learn and improve, so they, and all our customers receive a good service,” she said. 

“The group are fantastic to work with and always come to the meetings with can do attitudes and ready for a challenge.”

If you are interested in joining either of these teams then please contact Elaine Warwick at bpha on 01234 221327.