Grounds maintenance update

Due to continuing staff shortages, the new Grounds Maintenance Contractor (Just Ask Estate Services) have not been able to carry out grounds maintenance to some areas, which we apologise for.

Just Ask have provided a detailed plan of how and when the outstanding work will be carried out.

We are pleased to confirm that by the end of May all outstanding and scheduled work will be completed and the regular grounds maintenance will continue from the beginning of June.

Just Ask have arranged for additional resource to support the staff working on the bpha contract which is a mixture of direct and sub-contract labour.

All Just Ask staff (including sub-contractors) are suitably trained and qualified to work to the high standard bpha and its customers expect. All staff will be wearing work wear with bpha branding to let customers know who they are.

The fly tipping and disposal service has not been affected by staffing shortages and there has not been any reduction in the provision of this service.