If the forecasters are to be believed then this winter is set to be a particularly chilly one, yet by thinking smart and following our simple tips your house will stay nice and snug.

Check your boiler – by dedicating a couple of minutes before the cold weather arrives you’ll be a step ahead and if any maintenance needs to happen. You don’t want to be last on your gas engineers list.

Get your heating on timer – did you know that the average house warms up and cools down in 30 minutes? If you set your heating to come on half an hour before you get up or come home and to go off half an hour before you leave the house then warmth is guaranteed.

Move your furniture – by adopting a bit of Feng Shui and moving heavy furniture away from your radiator hot air will circulate more freely.

Use your curtains – get savvy and open your curtains in the morning to harness some free sunshine. Then, as it gets darker, close your curtains and keep the warmth inside.

Add some new décor – did you know that up to 10 per cent of heat loss can occur via your floor, especially if your floor has wooden board or laminate. That’s why adding nice plush rug will keep you toasty and add a bit to your excitement to your furnishings.