Milton Keynes MP joins community walkabout

7 October, 2016

A Milton Keynes MP had a tour of bpha properties and met residents at a neighbourhood walkabout in the city.

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, visited the Oakridge Park estate on Friday, October 7, along with Housing and Community Officers from bpha.

During the walkabout Mr Lancaster heard what bpha is doing to help residents and understand any issues they may have.

Mr Lancaster said: “In an expanding community like Milton Keynes a proactive approach like this to engage with residents and make them feel part of the community is something which has got to be right.

“In a new city we need to foster a sense of community and help make people feel welcome and it is reinforcing the positive fabric of our society.

“With a sense of community estates get looked after better and quality of life is better.

“Anything we can do to break down barriers has got to be a good thing and I’m viewing what the BPHA do as an example of best practice that landlords should be encouraging to happen elsewhere in Milton Keynes.”

bpha organises regular neighbourhood walkabouts across its various sites to better engage with residents and listen to their concerns.

Steve Parsons, Housing Officer for Oakridge Park at bpha, said: “These walkabouts are a visible presence if people want to come out and tell us about any issues.”