Recurring Payment

bpha has launched a new payment option for tenants called Recurring Payment, a convenient and flexible alternative to Direct Debits.

Arrangements are far more flexible and give our tenants more control over their finances, helping them to budget more effectively and reduce debt.

The many benefits of the new payment method include:

  • Payments can be set up to start the next day or any day of the month
  • Customers are not charged for rejected payments
  • Refunds can be easily arranged and sent direct to the debit card
  • Arrangements can be set up for various payments including rents, part-rents, special payment arrangements, garages and court costs
  • Payments can be easily amended for tenants by bpha’s Customer Service Centre Advisors

Julie Wittich, Director of Service Delivery at bpha said: “We are pleased to be able to offer this flexible alternative as it suits many of our customers’ needs.

“Recurring Payment helps our residents take more control over their finances and can help them to plan their budget.”
Any bpha residents wishing to take advantage of Recurring Payment should contact 0330 100 0272 or email