Delight as Queens Park Community Hub Café reopens

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Opening its doors for the second winter, residents, Councillors, partners and bpha came together to enjoy home cooked food and refreshments at Queens Park Hub Café.

The hub which was first opened by bpha and partners in March this year as a warm hub has now reopened following high demand from the local community.

Woman feeding child

Open fortnightly during term time the hub, jointly run and funded by bpha, Bedford Borough Family Hubs and Faith in Queens Park, will offer warm meals and refreshments at affordable prices. Local groups and partners such as Impakt, Citizens Advice Bureau and the NHS will be offering free support and advice and opportunities to meet local services. More information on the opening dates and times can be found here on Bedford Council website.

Bedford Borough Council’s ambition is to create Family Hubs in Bedford Borough where parents, carers and families can access information and support throughout their parenting journey. By supporting hubs such as Queens Park’s community café, Family Hubs hope to offer a place in the community where local people can come together to form friendships and build relationships with key services.

Safina a bpha customer and volunteer at our Queens Park Hub Café said: “I’m a full-time mum and a carer for my elderly mother. I suffer a great deal of anxiety, which affects my everyday life.”

Despite this, Safina put herself forward to help bring her community together.

“I volunteered at the hub and approached it with passion and 100% commitment. It benefits us (the volunteers) in a number of ways, whether mentally, emotionally or socially and it really boosts our confidence and self-esteem.”

During the winter months Queens Park Hub is one of a number of bpha community-led hubs which offers a space for people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to come together and feel included and valued. It provides key support for bpha customers and the local community with an open door for anyone who needs advice and or support.

Bedford Borough Council, Family Hubs Co-ordinator, Ruth Preece said: “It was lovely to see and meet so many local people coming together at Queens Park Café Connect to share food, meet friends and local services. I really hope that in the weeks and months to come it will continue to grow and become a real hub in Queens Park, fostering a sense of community and strengthening local ties.”

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