Our Resident Inspectors are a team of three who carry out some valuable work on behalf of other residents throughout bpha.

The inspectors assist our Property Services department by gathering customer feedback from other residents who have either had a recent response repair or planned works carried out in their properties.

As a resident you may have spoken to one of them on the telephone or had a visit at your home when they would have asked you to give a score to the bpha contractors, so the Property Services Team can gauge how well they are performing.

During 2018, our Resident Inspectors Sylvia Peacock, Sharen Brice and Jackie Barnes have visited several areas to talk with residents about their experience of having new kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors also external works such as painting. They have also spoken to residents in Chandos and Boswell courts who had new front doors and extensive improvements to their communal areas.  The feedback they collect is discussed by the bpha Project Managers in the contract meetings and this helps with continuous improvement in the service delivered by Property Services. The Resident Inspectors are keen to know that our residents are happy that the contractors are punctual, efficient and treat our residents with respect.

The feedback the Resident Inspectors collect on the telephone about our contractor and the bpha response repairs service has helped bpha to understand how reporting repairs could be more streamline and that communication with residents about their repair could be improved.

The Resident Inspectors have considerable experience in listening to residents and are aware that sometimes talking with another resident is easier than talking with bpha employees. For this reason, they want to continue to carry out their tasks which they enjoy immensely.

Edith Shah, Building Services Manager at bpha, believes that they the inspectors help to really improve service for all residents.

She said: “The Resident inspectors play a vital role for property services when we want to engage with our customer to ensure we receive the correct feedback. Customers are sometimes not as forthcoming with their honest opinion when either bpha or contractors ask them to complete a customer satisfaction on a PDA.

“However, when customers have a resident inspector asking them questions they feel more at ease in giving true feedback and in some cases we have returned to properties where would not have done had it not been for the work the inspectors carry out.

“I also find that resident inspectors help bpha to improve our service and come up with ideas on how to improve.”