Service Improvement Panel Update 2

In the second of our series of regular blogs about the Resident Scrutiny and Improvement Group (RSIG), Judith Goodger gets us up to speed with what has been happening lately.

It was quite a shock seeing my photograph on the bpha website last month, I wasn’t expecting that but having got over the shock it is now time to write again to let you know what RSIG have been doing in July.

Two of the events I mentioned last month have taken place. The Bedfordshire Tenants’ Forum event entitled ‘Your Future, Your Housing’ was really interesting. Representatives from Bedfordshire registered social landlords and local authorities were there. What was great about it was that it was organised and run by residents. The session I found really interesting was comparing Resident Annual Reports, getting feedback and picking up ideas for future issues. Tracy, Mel and Sylvia are at the writing stage of bpha’s 2012 Annual Residents Report with the first draft going to the printers soon. We also took part in a budgeting exercise which highlighted the issue of Value for Money and prioritising where money should be spent according to customers’ expectations. Not an easy thing to do and one which prompted lots of discussion. I enjoyed that session and learned a lot from it.

I also enjoyed the Stakeholder Conference but unfortunately, due to a road accident (not me), I arrived late but in time to catch most of the presentations. The ‘road theme’ (see bpha’s 2012 Annual Report and Corporate Strategy) used to link all the speakers was excellent and RSIG got a mention of course!  We each sat at different tables to make the most of the networking opportunities. At my table, the main subject of conversation was ‘Affordable Homes’ and the difficulties experienced in delivering this but everyone enjoyed the lovely food at the Sharnbrook Hotel and left happy.

I am not involved in any reviews at the moment but Marion, Sylvia and Norman have completed their report following the mini review of Reception following a Mystery Shopping exercise and the resulting actions will be monitored by RSIG.

Our big scrutiny at the moment is the Neighbourhood Review. This was triggered by the results from the STAR 2012 survey and Tracy, Mel, Norman and Julian have been working on this and are busy meeting staff and residents. Reports on their findings and recommendations should be available next month.

There are two other big scrutiny projects coming up and new members are needed. Leaflets advertising RSIG vacancies, the involvement activities and time commitment are being sent out to tenants. I hope these are successful as I am enjoying being part of the RSIG group and hope others will too (photographs on websites aside!!).