Service Improvement Panel Update 5

RSIG has a brand new member, Vanessa Samson, who has taken the time to write the next update for the blog.

My first impression of the Resident Scrutiny and Improvement Group is very, caring, interesting, important, intensive, followed by a generous workload.

On the 14th March I was invited to an RSIG meeting which was held at the Gordon Colling House, one of bpha’s Extra Care schemes for older people. The meeting started very promptly and Elaine, our very own Resident Involvement Co-ordinator, encouraged everyone to have coffee as we had a lot to get through on the business agenda.

The meeting, I was told, was a stray from the norm. We mainly looked at what reviews (inspections) RSIG would carry out for the financial year 2013/2014. Examples of covered topics such as the customer journey and information, the sign up and four week tenancy, void standards, and repairs and gas servicing were all among the excessive agenda. However, we seem to get through each topic swiftly and efficiently which I thought was very impressive, with each member’s views and evaluations proving vital when coming to conclusions. Other interesting subjects discussed were welfare reform and the possible effects it may cause within the housing sector, I found this very important and intriguing.

After hours of debating and deciding what reviews RSIG would carry out for 2013/14, it was decided that I would have the joy of working on the mini review of non compliance of customer information. Other reviews put forward are customer satisfaction with gas repair and servicing, and the voids standards. I have a lot of research to do.