Service Improvement Panel Update 6

Being part of the RSIG is so demanding but yet rewarding. As having the opportunity to scrutinise and ensure bpha is accountable for the services they provide. Being a tenant myself I know just how important RSIG are in the process in ensuring quality of services, which provide a better outlook and satisfaction for both tenant and bpha.

This all enables a better quality and the happier functioning of social housing.

My journey into social housing began when I realised that I couldn’t afford to private rent. Being a single mother of two boys proves demanding and costly. My home is very important to me and is one of the main priorities in regards to ensuring the well-being of both myself and my children. This again is why the role RSIG play in bpha is paramount. For someone like me and I represent many and so bring their voice and views which for most is difficult to be heard.

I have been a member of RSIG for nearly 3 months now and am already overwhelmed by the inspirational work we do. Each member brings so much to RSIG with all views being very different but very important. One member who really inspired me was Tracey Condliffe she is the chair of RSIG, she recently came 2nd place in the Tenant/Resident Involvement award. What an amazing achievement.

These last months have been very busy for RSIG.

A strategy meeting between the Operations Board and RSIG which was held at Box End Park. This was very interesting as it helped reinforce the relationship between the board and the scrutiny group. This meeting, I found ran very successfully giving me a better understanding of the dynamics of bpha. Also I got the opportunity to engage with other members and senior staff of bpha which really educated me. I was also very impressed with how John Cross was very interested in the resident views and felt this was of paramount importance to the quality of services of bpha.

The RSIG meeting at Gordon Colling House was a meeting about lessons learnt. We discussed what has worked well, what we would do differently, and opportunities for the future. I feel this review went well as it is important in any organisation to review the way they do things in order to improve services. We also attended the East 7 residents network event at Tempsford Village Hall. This is where representatives of 9 developing  housing providers meet to share ideas on involvement. This was successful as it led a 2nd conferences being planned to share ideas and develop regional working.

Other topics on the agenda I am particularly looking forward to is the visit from ARHAG. They are a small housing association based in London specialising in housing refugees and minority groups. We are to host their newly formed scrutiny group.

Having gained a HND in Housing, the experience of working with RSIG has increased my knowledge tremendously, and I have only just started and bpha has given me this opportunity, giving training, helping me become more skilled, confident and experienced in this field. Watch this space!