What is the spare room subsidy?

You may recognise this as the “Bedroom Tax”. The Government is setting new rules about how many bedrooms you are entitled to. If your home has more bedrooms than you are entitled to, any housing benefit you receive will be cut. You should check even if you are using all of your bedrooms because you might still have more than the Government says you can have.

Am I affected?

You are most likely affected if you:

  • live in a home that has three or more bedrooms;
  • have no children and live in a home that has two or more bedrooms.

The easiest way you can find out if you’re likely to lose money is to use a bedroom calculator.

What are the new rules?

The new rules will allow one bedroom for each of these people living in the home:

  • Each adult or couple, even if one of you sleeps in a different room.
  • Any other person aged over 16.
  • Two children of the same sex under 16.
  • Two children of either sex under 10.
  • Any other child.
  • An overnight carer who looks after someone in the home.

This means that if you have a girl and a boy aged under 10, or two girls or two boys aged under 16, they will be expected to share a bedroom. The allowance of bedrooms for children is only at their main home so if parents are separated, only one parent gets the allowance.

This website has more information about the new bedroom or ‘occupancy’ rules.

If I am affected, how much will be cut from my benefits?

If you have one more bedroom than you are entitled to, your housing benefit will be cut by 14%.

If you have two or more bedrooms than you are entitled to, your housing benefit will be cut by 25%.

Act now…don’t wait

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