Standing up against racism

The killing of George Floyd and the events surrounding his death have deeply saddened us all at bpha. We know that this is not an isolated event and we are reminded of the challenges and injustices often faced by friends, colleagues and customers from BAME communities.

Social, economic and indeed housing disparities and their effect on health across our diverse communities has also been brought into sharper focus by the disproportionate impact that Covid 19 has had on people of colour during the current pandemic.

We remain committed to diversity and inclusion at bpha and now is the time, more than ever, to ensure that we truly live our values – turning them into tangible actions in order that they are reflected in the way we serve our customers and make bpha a great place for all to work and grow.

By coming together at times like these we can bring strength, success, resilience and a better society for everyone. People should never have to live in fear or live with oppression and we will stand up against racism.