We offer a range of help and advice to help our residents and ensure that they live happily and securely in their homes.

Some people however, often through no fault of their own, can face tough challenges that may put them at risk of losing their home.

Our Bedford-based Tenancy Sustainment service is designed to support residents who are struggling to help them get their lives back on track, like Claire* who suffered a breakdown following a divorce.

After losing her job, becoming homeless and developing issues with alcohol, Claire moved into a bpha home due to mobility issues.

She was referred to our Tenancy Sustainment Officer, who helped her in a number of ways including ensuring she was claiming the correct benefits, setting up direct debits so that payments were not missed, and helping her to find a more local dentist and GP to register with.

Claire soon made a GP appointment and as a result was prescribed some medication to stabilise her mood and improve her appetite as she had stopped eating and had lost a significant amount of weight.

Janette Hayden, Tenancy Sustainment Officer at bpha, said: “Thanks to support from our service we have been able to help Claire improve her situation.

“She continues to improve health wise and her alcohol consumption has decreased, she is eating again, sleeping well and has now improved her situation considerably.

“If people find themselves struggling with similar issues in Bedford Borough please contact bpha and we may be able to help.”

* Not her real name