bpha is proactive in dealing with incidents of anti-social behaviour. We aim to improve the quality of life for our residents and their environment as well as to create a sense of community cohesion.

Anti-social behaviour can include, but is not limited to:

  • intimidation and harassment;
  • dealing and/or taking drugs;
  • criminal acts;
  • violence or threats of violence;
  • statutory noise nuisance;
  • immoral behaviour;
  • rowdy or inconsiderate behaviours;
  • uncontrolled animals;
  • street drinking;
  • prostitution;
  • begging/vagrancy.

We need your help

To enable us to tackle anti-social behaviour, we need evidence. If you have previously advised us about anti-social behaviour, you can download diary sheets here to record on-going incidents of such behaviour. Diary sheets are important ways of helping us to address this issue, as they form the basis of our evidence – so it is important that they are filled in accurately and with as much information as possible.

Noise complaints are by far the most common complaint, we suggest if there is no threat to you and you feel safe to do so that you talk to your neighbour, think about what you might say before you approach them. It the noise persists you need to talk to the Local Council’s Environmental Health department. Unless the noise is proven we will not be able to take any action.

We work in partnership with other agencies to resolve issues of anti-social behaviour quickly and effectively. When you report an anti-social behaviour issue to bpha, we might signpost you to another agency that is better placed to deal with the type of nuisance being caused. We will be in contact with them so that we can take appropriate action.

To report anti-social behaviour

Call us on 0330 100 0272 (during office hours)
Call us on 0800 072 3330 (out of hours)
Download our anti-social behaviour diary sheet

Find out more about your responsibilities, our responsibilities and how to report anti-social behaviour by reading our leaflet:

Tackling it together – Dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour