Learn about our complaints process and find out how to make a complaint

bpha is committed to giving a good service – but we know that sometimes things can go wrong. If you are not happy with our service, please tell us so we have the opportunity to put it right. If we find we were wrong, we will apologise and take immediate steps to correct the mistake.

How do I complain?

What happens next?

We will strive to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. When we receive your complaint, we will contact you within 72 working hours.

At this point, we will discuss your concerns in more detail so that we can work towards reaching an agreed solution.

Your complaint handler may need to investigate further and will agree with you a communication plan to keep you informed of the progress.


If we’re unable to resolve your complaint, you can ask to escalate to an appeal. You must do this within six weeks and you must tell us what you feel we have failed to explain or do.

Our Complaints Team will escalate your complaint for you and assign it to a Head of Service.

You will be contacted to discuss the appeal process and timescales. If we are still unable to resolve matters, we will write to you with a full response advising you of the next steps.

Further steps

If you’re not satisfied with the final decision made you can refer your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service. You must wait for at least eight weeks after receiving our response before doing so and this must be done within six months of ending our complaints process.

Alternatively, you can contact a designated person who may be able to recommend other ways for it to be resolved. A designated person is: a member of Parliament your local councillor a recognised resident panel. The designated person may decide to refer the matter directly to the Housing Ombudsman.

For more information and guidance on How To Make A Complaint, download our guide.