Christmas can be an expensive time of year

But it doesn’t have to be a stressful one when money is concerned.

Smart budgeting can be a great way to keep on top of essential out-goings and still make things merry and bright. So, don’t get your tinsel in a twist watching things snowball out of control. Read on to check out our handy tips and find financial peace of mind this holiday season.

Money saving tips:

  • Plan what you spend your money on – List the things you buy in a week or month. Are there savings that can be made?
  • Shop around – Check out the competition and compare prices. It might be cheaper to use a different supermarket or buy things from a different website.
  • Use price tracking websites – Check if goods have been sold at better prices during the year. Pick the best time to buy. Some websites track prices for many high street stores.
  • Beware of special offers – Vouchers, special offers and cashback deals can make you spend more, not less. Don’t buy something just because it’s on offer.
  • Don’t impulse buy – Wait a day! It might seem less appealing in the morning.
  • Check reviews – Check online for other buyer’s opinions.
  • Avoid unnecessary gifting – Don’t feel pressured to buy unaffordable gifts for family and friends, causing stress and costing a fortune. Christmas isn’t about expensive presents. No one wants to be in hardship and depressed in January.
  • Be clever online – A couple of weeks before you want to buy, go online and put items in your virtual basket – but don’t checkout. A week later you might get a voucher sent to you, discounting the cost.
  • Start a Christmas stash – Plan for next Christmas; work out now what you want to buy and pounce when you spot a bargain. Buy one Christmas item a week, spreading the cost and using discount vouchers if available.
  • Beware of Xmas offers – Buy-one-get-one-free offers are only useful if you need them. They’re best for non-perishable items.
  • Delay spending – Delay spending till after Christmas if possible, e.g. DIY and furnishings. Prices may be better value after Christmas!
  • Don’t panic – Remember that Christmas is only one day, don’t ruin the rest of the new year for it!

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