Spare Room Subsidy

If you are claiming Housing Benefit or the Housing Element of Universal Credit and your homes it considered too big for your needs you may find that you have had a reduction in your benefit because of the spare room subsidy.

If you are under occupying by one room your benefit entitlement will be reduced by 14% or your rent charge.  If you are under occupying by two or more rooms then your entitlement will be reduced by 25%.

What can you do to help in these situations?

You can talk to your Home Agent or the Money Advice Team about a Discretionary Housing Payment.

Discretionary Housing Payments

The Local Council has a limited amount of money each year to help people who qualify for Housing Benefit (or Universal Credit, when it takes effect) but are having trouble paying their rent. Although the council will decide how much is paid, we can offer support and advice on how to complete a DHP application form. We can even arrange to do this in the comfort of your own home.

Please note you cannot rely on DHP payments so this should only be viewed as a short term solution. Our other options below may provide longer term solutions.

Room to Move Scheme

We can sometimes offer our tenants individual incentives to downsize. Please speak to your Home Agent for more details.

Money Advice Service

Our Money Advisers can offer advice to all residents, shared owners and leaseholders. If you are having difficulty paying your rent or are having problems with debts, we can help you to prepare a Financial Statement – basically a list of your income and expenditure with an up-to-date list of creditors. Once this has been done we can negotiate payments to your priority (e.g. rent, council tax) and non-priority (e.g. credit cards, loans) creditors. We can also help to identify other benefits you might be entitled to, and give you tips on how to maximise your income.

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