Residents who get involved in helping us to improve our services are eligible to claim some expenses.

The expenses that bpha will pay are for:

  • Travel expenses – at 45p per mile for travel up to 250 miles and then 25p per mile for any travel over that for any one event.
  • A train ticket – at standard fare or reimburse the cost of the same. Where possible we encourage employees and residents to use a website such as to book tickets at a reduced cost in advance.
  • A taxi for residents to attend an involvement opportunity for travel within a 10-mile radius of the event and, where possible, shared with other residents attending the same event to keep costs low. This is only with prior agreement from the person holding or leading the event. If a resident books a taxi without prior agreement, bpha can refuse to pay this cost.
  • Care of children or a dependant adult – upon the receipt of a signed invoice from the carer stating the number of hours of care they provided, and the event which the care covered. bpha will pay a maximum of £60 for any one event, which equates to £10 per hour for 6 hours. If the resident is attending a course or conference of more than one day, bpha will pay the equivalent £60 per 24-hour period to a maximum of £180 for 3 days.
  • One night in bed and breakfast accommodation – should the need arise, to ensure a resident’s attendance at a training course or conference at the allotted start time. The employee responsible for organising attendance at the course or conference must always book such accommodation. If a resident wishes to stay with family or friends on such an occasion, bpha can supply a courtesy gift of a £10 voucher – but this needs to be agreed beforehand by the employee concerned.
  • A meal allowance – of to up a maximum of £10 upon producing a receipt, but this must not include the cost of alcohol. The meal allowance only applies when no other food is provided by the course or conference organiser, and must be agreed with a bpha employee beforehand. This applies to training and conference events only.