bpha is about much more than just housing.


  • use our skills, expertise and resources to help create and maintain successful, safe and thriving communities where people – regardless of whether they are bpha residents – are proud of their home and their environment;
  • help to develop and build communities – bringing people together to look at issues that are important to them;
  • help to create realistic and lasting community solutions – encouraging people to get involved, feel valued and make a difference;
  • run and support services and initiatives to enhance our residents’ quality of life and benefit the wider community.

This work is led by bpha’s Community Development Officers, who spend most of their time out and about in the communities that we cover – meeting our residents face-to-face to understand their needs and aspiration; and offering opportunities for people to gain experience, confidence and skills.

Building communities is all about bringing people together – so we work with everyone who lives in a community, not just with our own residents, and get involved in a wide range of community activities – whether one-off events, such as helping a community to organise a street party, or providing longer-term support to address more complex needs and challenges.

A key way of achieving this is the setting up of Community Groups. These groups can be formal, and will be run by a committee with an agreed constitution. Others are more informal, perhaps set up to take action on a very specific project.

If you have ideas for events or actions to benefit your community, please contact us. Sometimes we have a photographer present at our community events, and may ask you to complete a photo consent form.

Who we work with

Though our Community Development Officers mostly work in neighbourhoods with the highest number of bpha homes, we can still get involved if a genuine need for support is found in areas where we have fewer homes.Our team forges links with other organisations and agencies to help address issues raised by our residents.

Community Development Officers attend meetings run by:
• Parish Councils
• Police and Community Safety organisations and Forums
• District and borough councils
• Other community or wider interest groups

Such meetings offer a valuable opportunity for our officers to raise awareness of residents’ concerns or needs, to promote solutions and to gather support and resources.

Watch our ‘We are Communities’ video