Carly Meagher

Community Development Manager

I joined bpha in 2008, working as a Community Development Officer in our new developments in Cambridge. In 2015 I progressed into managing the Community Development Team.

I support the Community Development Team to work with local communities to help provide opportunities that enable residents confidence to grow, their voices to be heard and their skills to develop; and deliver realistic and lasting community solutions that encourage people to get involved and make a difference.

Some examples of my work within our Cambridge communities include ‘Able to be Independent’ (a support group aimed at residents with disabilities), helping to form a Community Council for Orchard Park and working with locally formed groups to take residents on lower incomes away on day trips that they would not be able to afford. I am extremely proud to have worked with some incredible communities and people who, with a little bit of support, have achieved some wonderful examples of community cohesion.

I have also worked alongside the local Young Peoples Worker to set up a youth group for 11-19 year olds.

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Kim Burrows

Community Development Officer

My role is based around working with residents to create neighbourhoods they are proud to live in; where people feel they belong, are safe, and are considerate towards their neighbours. I like to talk to people and listen to their ideas or concerns.

My role is to encourage, residents to get involved in the area they live. I use three simple questions to find out how people feel: What is good about your neighbourhood? What is not so good? What could make it better? This feedback enables us to work with residents and other organisations, and it’s a great feeling to create opportunities for change and see a group of people come together to support a common aim.

Projects I have been involved in include working with Ground Works and the Green Doctor to install energy efficient measures to help residents make their money go further, and “Reclaim our Garden” where I worked with residents to apply for funding to erect fencing (which we celebrated with a tea party with scones!)

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Jim Playle

Community Development Officer

I have worked for bpha as a Community Development Officer since 2002. During this time, I have identified opportunities and actions to bring about positive change and improvement, increased resident participation in decision-making processes, and promoted the sustainability of community-led groups.

I have developed effective working relationships with many partner agencies, enabling me to deliver lasting improvements within the local community, and gained great experience of working with residents to create effective community groups.

A few of the notable projects I have been involved with include Offa Road Multi-Use Games Area Renovation, Milburn Road Art Project and Hockliffe Road Community Garden.

I have also led numerous environmental clean-up activities aimed at keeping neighbourhoods tidy.

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Kathryn Beck

Community Development Officer

I joined bpha as a Housing Officer in 2015, having previously worked in various roles within social housing for 13 years.  I’m now a Community Development Officer working from home covering all of Cambridgeshire. My role is incredibly varied and involves working alongside residents, colleagues and partner agencies to work in areas where we have homes to help address issues affecting the community.

Our aim is to help make them better places to live and we do this by working alongside residents; for example we could support them to setup a neighbourhood watch scheme, or consult with them to identify how they feel living in the area inviting their ideas for any improvements. I find speaking to residents face to face an excellent opportunity to discuss the issues and identify realistic outcomes.

I’m also involved with new developments and am currently very active in Northstowe, which is an exciting new town being built near Cambridge. I’m attending meetings with planners, schools and other partner agencies discussing what facilities will be on site and how we will work together to ensure the community is a thriving, safe and happy place for people to live.

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