Improvements to your home

We are flexible in allowing you to make alterations to your home but you need written permission from us before you start any work. Failure to obtain written permission could mean we have to reinstate the alteration and charge you for our costs.

We may set conditions before we give you permission for an alteration. The conditions ensure that works are carried out safely and to a good standard, e.g. structural work will often require building regulation approvals and sometimes planning permission.

If in doubt, check with us first. Examples of where permission is required:

  • Internal decoration of anything formerly undecorated or using a textured coating for any walls, such as Artex.
  • External decorations.
  • Laminate flooring.
  • Television aerials or satellite dishes.
  • Greenhouses or sheds.
  • Tree planting.
  • Extensions (which may also need planning permission from the local council).

Any improvements you make to your home will not affect the rent charged.


You may have the right to be compensated if you end your tenancy and move out within a specified time of paying for a qualifying improvement to your home.  It is important that you apply to us before you obtain estimates for any improvement work.

We can tell you if the improvement work qualifies for compensation, how to proceed and what level of compensation you may get when you leave. This will depend on the original approved cost and its current age.


Where appropriate, we will redecorate the outside of our properties as part of our external maintenance and painting programme.

We may pay a redecoration allowance if we carry out work in your home and leave some areas for you to redecorate. If the work needed is extensive, the allowance can be paid in stages as work progresses. Contact us to make the necessary arrangements.

Similarly, new residents will sometimes be given an allowance towards the cost of redecorating. Work must normally be finished within 12 months of accepting the tenancy to qualify.

Last modified: June 21, 2019 at 11:22 am