bpha tries to make it as easy as possible to get your repairs fixed, as sometimes things can go wrong or need replacement. We expect you to look after your home and report repairs as soon as they happen. You are responsible for paying for any damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your property.

bpha must keep the structure and the outside of you home in proper working order and in a reasonable state of repair. You must not tamper, interfere with or alter the electrical or gas systems, installations or meters in or serving the property.

Giving us access to you home

  • There must be a person aged 18 or over in the house when we arrive to do the repair, if not it cannot go ahead and we will need to rebook.
  • Please clear the area where the repair needs to be carried out, moving all items, furniture and any other belongings.
  • Our operatives will have tool boxes and could be lifting floorboards, ensure any member of the household or visitor is kept away from the area where they are working.
  • You may also have to pull back your carpet or lift your laminate floor if the repair is in this area.
  • All dogs and pets must be kept out of the way and please do not smoke during the visit.
  • All representatives from bpha will wear safety shoes during their visits.

The tenancy agreement clearly states that you must allow us access to make inspections, carry out repairs and service your heating appliances and smoke detectors. Unfortunately if you refuse to give us access we will have apply for a court order giving us access to your home and you could lose your home as a result.

Our employees and contractors carry an identification card with their photograph. Always ask to see this card, if ever you are in doubt contact us and we will be able to check the person is who they say they are. Our employees and contractors will not mind waiting whilst these checks are carried out.